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November 18, 2020 | 6:30 PM PST

About Our Presenter

Rob Kuck,
CEO & Cofounder
Trade Off Technologies

Founders include:
• A 25 year operations veteran with two startups under his belt.

• The former Chief Marketing Officer at Poker Stars who took them to a 4.9B exit.

• A hedge fund strategist whose fund was once recognized as the Top Performing Hedge Fund Strategy in the world.

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In this 30 min presentation you will meet the founders behind, learn why they are so confident they are sitting on a Billion Dollar opportunity, and how you can partner with them in an early investment, with incredible terms.

We all know finding property in this market is TOUGH. Identifying the next technology Unicorn is equally hard…but this could be one, and give you the additional benefit of diversifying your portfolio. If you think getting in on the next IPO is a big deal…it’s not. Where you want to be is in the Private Equity stage…where the real money is made.

This is not a hard-asset investment (like Real Estate), but a small investment in high-growth consumer financial technology with unique intellectual property can yield mega-returns compared to other investment options.

At NREI Club we love Real Estate, and many of you reading this know NREI Club from this background, but we also have deep experience in technology and this idea has all the markings of a great opportunity, matching a great leadership team with a great idea, that already has traction and just needs more fuel to grow.

If you ever wish you had an opportunity to be a Seed investor in a Unicorn… This might be your chance.
  • On this webinar you’ll meet the founders of Trade Off Technologies.

  • Learn why the founders of Trade Off Technologies are so confident that they are sitting on a Billion Dollar opportunity.

  • Learn how you can partner with them in an early investment, with incredible terms.

  • Discover and expand your investment strategies.

 A note from Rob Kuck, CEO, TradeOff Technologies

Tradeoff Financial Corporation is aiming to become the brokerage platform of choice for young audiences who want to trade and invest but are limited to simplified apps that treat the markets like a casino, and overly complicated platforms that are intimidating and stale. They have an opportunity for incredible growth in a very short period of time and early investors could see incredible returns.

The secret to their success? An incredible user-acquisition funnel that attracts young people with an online trading game, rewards their gameplay with real stock, and allows them to claim their shares-won at their brokerage platform, converting them to valuable brokerage accounts.

The company has launched a BETA version of an online trading game to REACH this audience at massive scale, already onboarding over 100,000 customers with just two videos on YouTube.

TradeOff is raising a Seed Round with very attractive terms, and the round is filling fast. If you have interest in learning more, please watch this video, and contact the Founder Rob Kuck, whose information can be found below.

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